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2014/12 Re-release!

Good christ, I only saw this much of this post: 

and I thought it was gonna be a little old lady smiling. 

was disapointed

love it when little old ladies be smilin

I never knew good, official art fro some of these characters existed!

Link lookin’ like a busted Dennis the Menace tho

Link lookin’ like a busted Dennis the Menace tho


Rune Factory: Madden Meme Edition (1/1)

Alternatively titled, I tried.

These are perfect. Took me a second to get the Nancy one but holy shit, thank god it’s not Jones.

For the record, the most popular game of last year starred a balding meth dealer and a fat, middle aged white man.

Strong Female Protagonists

Bayonetta is the most sexually suggestive female character - visually and dialogue-wise - in recent memory.

Lightning is literally a dressup doll in the most recent installment of Final Fantasy.

Samus is stuffed into a leather catsuit (or bikini) whenever she’s not completely covered in armor.

The girl’s in Fatal Frame have very revealing alternate schoolgirl/lolita costumes as a reward for beating the game.

Heather Mason in SH has an alternate form as a magical girl, revealing outfit included. The shirtless official art also is a standout example.

I don’t even wanna get started on the Touhou, Street Fighter, or Soul Calibur series. Same for anything by Rockstar. 

Chelle from Portal is completely silent. The fact that she’s not sexualized is such a beloved point by gamers, but lord knows all she is is a vessel for gameplay. And of course the evil robot is perceivably feminine, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Sofia Lamb from Bioshock is a walking example of the hysterical madwoman, a grotesque portrayal of what happens when women are given power.

Yuna’s design isn’t sexuali- oh, wait, FFX-II.

Ayumi from X-Blades wears assless chaps to battle.

… and yet, Lara Croft, the only girl I ever see people saying is a shallow character, recently gets a much needed redesign and is infinitely more impressive (and manages to remain looking attractive!) but nah. She’s totally the only object here.

On “Women Should Just Make Their Own Games!”

If someone feels unfairly misrepresented by an entire industry, the onus shouldn’t be on them to dismantle and rebuild an entire multi-million dollar economic superstructure. This is a problem that realistically needs the attention of everyone from established developers to passive audiences who want better representation of their demographic. Women absolutely should (and need to) be part of the process, but it’s not as easy as telling them to fix it themselves. There’s an entire culture built up that caters more toward men, because, as everyone knows, companies are out to make money. It just so happens that money is easy to make when you only need to cater toward the largest, richest demographic: white males.

The point of owning a company is to make money, no shit, but often times a socioeconomic byproduct of that process is the alienation of people the company feels won’t buy their product. It’s a weird cycle too, because through that alienation, it furthers the likelihood of certain demographics straying away from a product - this is where the illusion of ‘women not being gamers’ stems from. It is miraculous to think of all the corporate strategy that goes into seeking out ways to make more money, and none of those strategies include looking at how society is reacting to their product and realizing that women (and minorities) are a huge market that could be tapped into, simply by making a product that relates a little more to them - or, better yet, a product that doesn’t actively portray negative stereotypes more often than it doesn’t.

It’s just inherently wrong to assume women don’t play a wide variety of games. They do. It’s like saying women only drive a certain kind of car, or work a certain job. It’s a notion created and perpetuated by the industry because it’s the easy way to think about things. There is an enormous, marketable chunk of money that companies are squandering by refusing to look at the criticism floating around out there - instead, people give a knee jerk reaction and freak out whenever anything remotely feminist is mentioned in relation to games.

From a cynical, money making standpoint, it only makes sense to help women find better representation in the industry. It’s an enormous market, and obviously we want change or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I would bet any amount of money that if the gaming community as a whole - developers, journalists, and passive participants - simply stopped looking at criticism as some sort of attack on their status quo and instead an entryway to help this enormous demographic feel less alienated, than everyone would be happier, both women and CEOs.

Or we could all just wait for Soul Calibur VI to come out so we can juggle Ivy’s sloppy jaloppies around for the umpteenth time, cause that’s certainly one way to get people to take your community seriously. 


This one blew my mind as well

I hope to all that’s good that lupincentral has seen this